Download Wordsearch Solver Free for Windows

While this executable helps solve word search puzzles, you’ll be befuddled as to how to start and disappointed by its errors. Although Wordsearch Solver has a simple, utilitarian interface, it has no help file and its prompts give little guidance. At launch, you’re asked whether you want to read a puzzle from a text file. Select Yes, and the application loads the file into the viewer. In our tests, however, we input words that could be found in the puzzle and got erroneous “Not Found” messages. If you want better results, select No at launch. You can then specify the puzzle’s dimensions, create a puzzle, input your solutions, and get quick, accurate results. We were disappointed that this program doesn’t log all your entries. Although Wordsearch Solver is effective in locating those hard-to-find words, it would be more effective if it weren’t riddled with bugs.

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