Download WebCam Recorder Free for Windows

Do you suffer from Webcam Paralysis, the fear that you’ll miss something good the instant you look away from the Webcam you’re watching? Help is available from Solent Software in the form of WebCam Recorder, a compact but versatile shareware utility that can monitor and record almost any Webcam, even those that use plug-ins. It can record Webcams and Webcam feeds in your system or online — in fact, any Webcam that can display its feed on your desktop. With a wizard-based setup process and a simple interface, it’s easy to use yet flexible enough for a wide range of users’ needs. WebCam Recorder is free to try, with a 25-use limit and a watermark on output files.

WebCam Recorder’s tiny interface looks a lot like a media player, with a scrolling ad message where the song title would be and large button to buy the software. A toolbar holds all the controls, starting with the button to open the Select Camera/Record Wizard and including Stop Recording, Still Image, Pause, Stop, and Play controls as well as an info button and Help file, the latter accessing a full manual. We started with the Select Camera/Record Wizard, which automatically detected our Webcam as soon as it opened. The wizard lets you create, save, and recall Profiles to make it easy to manage as many Webcams as you want to follow. The Record wizard screen listed all our available windows, including any Webcams we had open in our Web browser. We simply had to select the Webcam we wanted to follow and click Next. The next step involves clicking and dragging the cursor to select the rectangular area you want to monitor. The documentation said the wizard would disappear during this step, but it remained visible in our system. After the Confirm Region step, we could choose Sound Recording options, if necessary, including optional input devices. Clicking Finish removed the wizard and started our recording in the main window.

The full version of WebCam Recorder saves recordings permanently and includes a feature that quickly finds the best bits. The trial offers a good introduction.

Editors’ note: This is a review of the trial version of Webcam Recorder 3.15.

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