Download VisiTrax Lite Edition Free for Windows

Designed to organize your media collection, VisiTrax’s bland design belies its powerful feature set. The program’s interface is not only mediocre in terms of looks, it’s also not very self-explanatory. Therefore, we suggest using the tutorial to get started. You can manually enter information for CDs, LPs, and video tapes, although the quickest way to get data into the program is by inserting a disc into your PC’s CD-ROM drive and letting the program do all the work. You can create extremely detailed libraries, adding information such as artist name, song title, genre, and any other notes you’d like to add. Likewise, you can search for specific entries by many parameters, including unconventional ones such as composer and beats per minute. The software also gives you a basic CD player, though we wish VisiTrax could download album art from the Internet. Avid record collectors and DJs alike will find the application a capable tool once they overcome the learning curve.

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