Download S10 Password Vault Free for Windows

S10 Password Vault gives you a secure place to store all of your log-in information so that you can access it anytime and don’t have to remember individual passwords. Once you enter all of your accounts into the app’s convenient interface, you’ll only have to remember your master password in order to log in to any other site or program.


Entry options: When you want to log in to a website, there are several methods you can use to get your details from the app into the form. For instance, you can just drag and drop the entries individually, or you can use hot keys to enter username and password at once or individually.

More than log-ins: In addition to basic log-in information, you can also use the Notes section of each account entry form to record other data that you’d like to be able to automatically enter on a regular basis. This could be an account number or any other information you want to have handy when accessing that account.


No Master Password recovery: There is no way to recover your Master Password if you forget it, and without that, there’s no way to access all of the information you have stored in the app. It would be nice if there were some Password Hints or other option for retrieving or resetting the Master Password so that all is not lost if you can’t remember it for some reason.

Bottom Line

S10 Password Vault is a handy and convenient program for keeping all of your sensitive information handy and secure. Its multiple entry options give you nice flexibility in how you use the app, and it’s completely free for personal use.

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