Download Red Sox 2004 Season Screensaver Free for Windows

Members of the Red Sox Nation should enjoy this relatively understated tribute to outstanding moments of the American League championship season. Red Sox 2004 Season Screensaver features a dozen great photos from the team’s hometown paper, the Boston Globe. The screensaver has no settings and no soundtrack. What it has are highlights such as a great slide home from Pokey Reese, ALCS MVP David Ortiz rounding the bases after hitting a home run, and Jason Varitek smacking New York Yankees ace Alex Rodriguez with his catcher’s mitt. The only feature we missed was the ability to set the images as our desktop image, but it’s easy enough to find these pictures on the publisher’s site. Clearly this isn’t for Yankees or St. Louis Cardinals fans, but Red Sox 2004 Season Screensaver will appeal to the Boston faithful.

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