Download Process And Port Analyzer Free for Windows

Freeware rarely gets any more useful than this process and port viewer, but don’t expect detailed explanations. Process and Port Analyzer’s basic spreadsheet-style interface allows for easy column sorting. While Task Manager only lists processes, this program lists their Process IDs, peek memories, and file paths. Unfortunately, size fields are text-based, which means that sorting by memory size doesn’t yield accurate results. Programs listening at specific ports are listed under the Listeners tab. Double-clicking a Process ID lists all modules using that PID. The Connections tab gives the most information. All active TCP and UDP connections are listed. Each PID listing details protocol, local and remote IP, current state, process, and file path. It’s unfortunate that this program doesn’t offer an option to copy lists to a text or XML file. Novices will get little use from Process and Port Analyzer, since nothing is explained. System administrators, on the other hand, will find this freeware useful as a compact and fast process and port viewer.

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