Download PDFArea TIF to PDF Converter Free for Windows

The Tagged Image File Format is a common graphics file extension in what was once called “desktop publishing.” Creating and managing TIFFs usually calls for a powerful graphics editor such as those offered by Adobe, which owns the TIFF technology and other popular graphics technologies, including the Portable Document Format. However, such complex packages come with steep learning curves and breathtaking price tags. Fortunately, the need for simple tools to convert various file formats to and from PDFs is spawning a new class of PDF tools. One of them is PDFArea’s TIF to PDF Converter, a standalone utility that can convert multipage TIFFs to PDFs with a minimum of fuss, even if you don’t have a comprehensive PDF package like Adobe Acrobat.

TIF to PDF Converter sports a clean, almost Spartan interface, which is just how we like them. You simply browse for or type in a file, select the page range, size, and any presets, enter the appropriate PDF information, press Convert, and away you go. Utterly simple and virtually idiot-proof, which is the whole point: With TIF to PDF Converter, you can finish your work and be on to the next task before you’ve found the appropriate Help file entry in one of the big apps. The latest version has improved conversion speed so it takes up even less of your time.

TIF to PDF Converter is free to try for 30 days, after which it costs $29.95 to buy. It’s ready for Windows 7.

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