Download PC Garbage Remover Free for Windows

Though the program does a good job of locating space-hogging junk files that may be lurking on your PC, the demo restrictions prevent this application from being a seriously useful download. The interface is easy to operate yet rather unprofessional looking. For example, when you resize the main window, you’ll get a large chunk of blank, unused space under and to the right of the main window. PC Garbage Remover quickly scanned our machine for junk files and brought back an impressive list of results. If you need to further examine something before you delete it, the program gives you separate icons for filtering out audio and video files, word-processing documents, screensavers, images, and ZIP archives. You can also sort results by extension, path, name, and size. Despite its capabilities and features, the trial version won’t remove even a certain percentage of junk entries it detects. Therefore, we must question whether most folks will find PC Garbage Remover worth the trouble.

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