Download MP3 Splitter Free for Windows

This ultrasimple application performs its main task without incident, although its less-than-desirable interface, basic functionality, and slim feature set means we can only get so excited. True to its promise, MP3 Splitter quickly dices up MP3 files, either via user-selected cut points or by a certain number of identically sized segments. Unfortunately, when using the user-definable split method, you can only select one beginning and one ending cut point at a time. The interface is merely a bland, gray box that can’t be resized. Though it’s generally easy to use, we initially couldn’t figure out how to actually split tracks; perhaps a more obvious, better-designed icon would do the trick. Apart from its one job, MP3 Splitter doesn’t really do anything else and lacks extra features of any sort. The one-week trial period also is a bit too short for our tastes. Still, folks seeking a no-nonsense tool for slicing up MP3s might at least take a look at this utility.

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