Download Malware Scanner Free for Windows

Considering the amount of effective and free antispyware applications that crowd the scene, we have a tough time endorsing one that can’t even remove the intruders it finds. There’s no doubt that Malware Scanner’s interface is slick, but it could be more convenient. For instance, the nonresizable window and the small pane for displaying information make viewing lists of detected threats a chore. And similar to many programs of this class, this one eats a large amount of system memory when running in the background. This app’s real-time adware shield somewhat disappointed us; it stopped a number of nasties but also let through some well-known spyware components. The malware scanner fared much better, quickly and accurately ferreting out the lion’s share of adware we installed for testing purposes. Unfortunately, the demo won’t actually remove any of the malicious programs it finds, which is a serious problem in our book. Therefore, we’d suggest most users pick from the many more functional antiadware utilities at their disposal.

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