Download Keystroke Logger Free for Windows

This small application records keystrokes, but the hard-to-read results put this freeware near the bottom of the heap of keylogging applications.

Keystroke Logger doesn’t open with a dedicated interface. Instead a NotePad document opens to let you know where to find the log it creates. The program won’t let you change directories and the log reports are horrendous. Everything is recorded in a text file as one run-on sentence with the word “Space” annoyingly typed out to indicate its use. It doesn’t give you the source program or site used when typing, just the words that were typed. You have to e-mail the publisher just to learn how to hide the program, otherwise it sits in your Taskbar for all to see.

The best thing we can say about Keystroke Logger is that it is (understandably) free and it logged words, but we seriously recommend you track down a more seasoned and effective application.

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