Download Genbox Family History Free for Windows

This program aims to help you assemble genealogical reports about your family history. Genbox Family History gives you a large number of options for compiling detailed charts, so we would have liked a step-by-step wizard to walk us through the complicated and crowded interface.

The application lets you store basic information, such as names, events, and relationships, as well as more in-depth data regarding ancestry and pedigree. Not only does Genbox Family History arrange names and events into a genealogical chart, it helps you conduct research by managing your targets and correspondence.

The program seems to have almost everything a genealogist needs, although more inexperienced users likely will find themselves overwhelmed. We like the fact you can work with several databases at once, and the tools for helping you cope with different spellings of the same surname are a welcome addition. Due to its complexity, we can only really recommend this program to advanced users familiar with this type of software.

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