Download FastStone Player Free for Windows

This free program delivers the basics for playing back audio and video files, but we wish it were both more flexible and more feature-rich. FastStone Player’s main window turns out to be a mixed bag. On one hand, we appreciate its attractive, skinnable design and large viewing window for watching video files. However, we don’t like its system for queueing up tracks or clips, as it can only play files within a folder you browse to. This means you can’t simply create a playlist from different artists unless all your media is located in one folder. You can choose to play files at random within a folder, and you’ll find an interesting tool for watching videos in slow motion. Still, we missed features such as an equalizer, visualizations, and the ability to play or rip CDs. FastStone Player might make a decent pick for greenhorns who don’t want to be distracted by numerous features, but we don’t think others will find much to get excited about.

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