Download Directory Snoop Free for Windows

If you’re willing to invest some time with the manual, Directory Snoop is an effective tool for both rescuing and obliterating data. Its interface looks tricky at first, but the utility turns out to be quite easy to use. Then again, a wizard dialog would be nice for users who’d rather not sweat through the help files. Directory Snoop finds files, allows for filtering and content searching, and even reveals raw hard-disk data cluster by cluster. The shredder function permanently deletes files and clears the disk space using several algorithms, including DoD 3/7-pass and Gutmann 35-pass. You can even eliminate the records associated with deleted files in the Master File table. In our tests, we managed to restore files both from an internal hard disk and a Flash drive. Directory Snoop won’t work its magic on damaged disks or partitions, nor can you run it from a bootable diskette if your system has crashed. CD-ROMs are not supported, either. PC novices may be intimidated, but anyone willing to do a bit of reading can leverage the power of this data detective.

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