Download BulletProof FTP Server Free for Windows

Ordinary Web surfers may never have to use FTP, but it remains a critical way to transfer files for most Web site operators. This software is a powerful tool for creating an FTP server, with the flexibility for either home or business use. However, with little in the way of setup wizards or explanatory button text, it demands some previous experience from users. Once the server is operational, BulletProof provides the ability to customize individual IP addresses’ access, including the ability to ban users or require passwords. However, the software does not automatically retrieve IP addresses from a local network, so each must be entered by hand. It offers a wide range of basic FTP features, such as the ability to resume uploads and downloads, support for ratios, an antihammering tool, and a graphical interface that displays activity in real time. All told, this is a powerful application that is likely to be appreciated by advanced users, but may be confusing for those who haven’t set up a server in the past.

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