Download Bizagi Modeler Free for Windows

Bizagi Modeler creates efficient flowcharts, models and maps business processes, generates documentation, and facilitates collaboration. Fast, lightweight, and easy to learn, Bizagi Modeler includes extensive support: user communities, forums, training, certification, and free resources.


BPMN for free: The ability to create cutting-edge flowcharts for free, from any desktop gives startups, entrepreneurs, and small business owners advantages that even the largest companies lacked not so long ago.

Office-like interface: Bizagi Modeler’s efficient and crisply rendered user interface borrows the Ribbon toolbar and other elements from Office, giving it a familiar look and feel that integrates equally well with corporate environments and personal desktops.

For business, not code: Unlike some modelers, Bizagi Modeler is specifically designed for businesspeople and other non-technical users, not coders.

Support: A User Guide, video tutorials, and online forums and training deliver support that few other tools of Bizagi Modeler’s type can match, let alone for free. Joining Bizagi’s user community enables access to more free resources, like templates.


Best practices: It’s not an issue with Bizagi Modeler so much as with BPMN itself, but the vendor-based and user-based BPMN communities sometimes differ on matters, such as best practices.

Bottom Line

Businesspeople looking for an edge should check out Bizagi Modeler. It creates attractive, enterprise-quality BPMN flowcharts that can bring efficiency and clarity to many processes. That it does so for free and with unmatched support seems remarkable.

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