Download Art Revolution 9 ScreenSaverS Pack Free for Windows

This screensaver does a good job of replicating an awe-inspiring sunset. True to its name, it depicts the sun setting over the ocean, turning the sky deep oranges and reds in the process. In general, both the sunset and the rippling water look quite realistic, and the sound of blowing wind really helps the ambience. The feature set isn’t huge, but at least the customization options are nifty, allowing you to select how often (if at all) the colors of the sunset, sea, and sky change. If you play around with the settings sliders for long enough, you can get some wild-looking sunsets. With the included Vital Desktop application, you also can set Sea Sunset Screensaver, or almost any screensaver, as your desktop wallpaper. If you don’t want additional icons on your desktop, make sure to opt out during installation. If your hobbies include long walks on the beach, chances are you’ll like this program.

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