Download Any to Icon Free for Windows

Though this small icon converter offers an impressive set of conversion options, it falls short of greatness given its trial limitations. Any to Icon helps you convert many types of files into Windows icons. We were very impressed with the variety of files the program was able to import. In addition to the usual suspects–BMP, GIF, and JPEG–Any to Icon can work with Photoshop PSD files and WBMPs, as well as many other popular image formats, executables, animated cursors, Mac icons, or even WMF and EMF metafiles. Though you can resize or adjust color, this small tool won’t let you edit an icon (like a design program would, for example) or apply advanced filters. Also, though 30 trial runs might seem generous, it’s simply not sufficient to get some serious icon work done. For the casual user, Any to Icon may suffice, but power users may need to find a more flexible program.

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