Download AirStrike II Free for Windows

This application’s excellent graphics help turn a relatively standard shooting game into an impressive, action-packed option. In AirStrike II, you must use your fully armed helicopter to destroy your foes and successfully complete a number of missions. Though blowing other aircraft to smithereens is your primary goal, you also must keep a sharp eye out for various bonuses that can repair your helicopter or give you more powerful weapons. In our opinion, this game’s 3D graphics–especially the explosions–are top-notch, and the sound effects and theme music are right on the money. Learning to control your aircraft, while using your weapons, takes a while to perfect, but you can change the keyboard layout if you have a better idea. You also can choose from several missions, disable the audio, select the difficulty level, and change the camera angle. Our only gripe was we thought the one-hour trial period was a bit parsimonious. Nevertheless, all fans of shooting games should at least take AirStrike II for a test flight.

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