Download Zulu Free DJ Mixer Free for Mac

Zulu DJ Software for Mac allows you to play and mix music, add special effects and loops, crossfade from one song to another, and much more, all via an easy-to-use interface. It also supports a separate audio output intended for previewing the next song on headphones while the main track is playing. The app is good as it is, but it would have been even better if it had fullscreen support.

Zulu DJ Software for Mac comes with a streamlined interface enhanced by pop-up tutorial bubbles. While most DJ software uses vinyl records to represent the two tracks, Zulu uses the tracks’ waveforms instead. When new tracks are added, they are analyzed for a few seconds and are assigned a BPM, which can later be used to match the tempo of the two tracks for a seamless transition. We tested this and it worked well, especially when aligning the currently playing song’s BPM to the upcoming one toward the end for minimum distortion. Other noteworthy features are the special effects, live equalizer, the ability to have loops and short samples, and the separate output for headphones.

Zulu DJ Software for Mac satisfies all the requirements of passionate DJs. The usable interface and the thoughtful warnings, such as when you’re about to delete the currently playing song, give you confidence and a sense of security. Whether you play music for fun or for a living, this app is a worthy download.

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