Download Simple Notes Free for Mac

Simple Notes for Mac is a desktop notepad that lets you create and customize the look and feel of your notes but doesn’t let you organize them. The app comes with a poorly-designed, small and cluttered interface, and in terms of features, it doesn’t have much to offer, either.

Simple Notes for Mac features a tiny main window of only approximately an inch and a half wide and just as high, making it hard to see and harder to use. What’s worse, the interface sports ancient graphics; Socrates himself would frown at them. Typing and copying/pasting text into the window is fairly easy, but there is no obvious way to change or organize notes. At least there’s a minuscule button in the upper left that lets you change the font, but the options are limited. There are also options to change the font color as well as the color of the main window; but other than that, there is not much else useful for customizing your notes here. However, the app pleasantly surprises with a text-to-speech feature that can read your notes aloud. Not only is this feature accurate, but it also sounds good.

Simple Notes for Mac isn’t likely to become your favorite note-taking app for Mac anytime soon. The dated, poorly-organized interface, the lack of features, and the overall clumsiness of the app make it a poor choice for any writer. The text-to-speech feature stands out, but is not enough to redeem this app.

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