Download SeaMonkey Free for Mac

The Internet is a vast and wondrous place, but it might be difficult to see its possibilities if you always use the same Web browser. Fortunately, SeaMonkey for Mac offers a new community-sourced browser for Internet surfing.

SeaMonkey for Mac allows users to browse the Internet in a new interface. The program includes a wide number of normal browser functions including modifiable security, privacy, tabs, bookmarks, and history features. This program starts off as a pretty basic-looking browser, but you can easily configure it to suit your preferences. The overall look of the browser interface is similar to other popular browsers, with toolbars, address bar, and bookmark bar all in the expected places. The similarities between this browser and other browsers are beneficial as they allow the user to become comfortable with the program more quickly. The program includes an integrated e-mail application that is loaded with features and also includes instant messaging capabilities. Surfing works smoothly and the browsing speed is similar to other current browsers. This is a free program that is developed by volunteers based on community requests. Users can get involved in developing this program further by suggesting future modifications or by volunteering with development work.

SeaMonkey for Mac is a functional Web browser that has successfully integrated e-mail and instant message applications. This program would be appropriate for both personal and business Internet usage.

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