Download Pixelgarde Photo Privacy Editor Free for Mac

With an advanced and intuitive interface, Pixelgarde Photo Privacy Editor for Mac allows users to view and edit location and other personal data stored in photos visible to the public. It’s perfect for controlling what information you share with others on popular social networks and photo sharing platforms.

Pixelgarde Photo Privacy Editor for Mac installs by dragging the application icon into the Applications folder. The menu bar contains basic functions to open image files, edit image files, print, and close the application. The program interface is neat and functional, allowing users to drag and drop images into the main window for examination by the application. There are nine buttons just underneath where the photo appears, allowing users to select all images, reveal hidden data, remove thumbnail images, set the date, title images, list who took the picture, apply changes, and share the images over social networks and image hosting sites. Selected images populate in the main program window and may be edited, individually, or as a group by clicking “Select All.” Clicking “Hidden Data” allows users to remove all of the geotags and personal information from photos, storing the output in a folder labeled “My Web Safe Photos.” Additionally, users may edit location and other information by just clicking the appropriate button and editing the content. Overall, the program’s performance was excellent, and photos were easy to edit with just a few clicks.

Pixelgarde Photo Privacy Editor for Mac allows users to protect personal data that is embedded within photos, making it a good solution for users sharing photos publicly across social networks and photo hosting Web sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Photobucket, and more.

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