Download Norton Security 2015 Free for Mac

Norton Security 2015 for Mac helps keep your computer safe from various types of external threats. There are plenty of ways to customize your user experience to get the most possible out of this app.


Nice interface: Norton Security 2015 features a clear interface with buttons across the bottom of the screen that let you navigate quickly through the different sections. These include Security Status, Scan, Live Update, Advanced, and Add Devices. You can also make adjustments to one section while a scan is running.

Scanning options: Basic scanning options include Quick, Full, File, and Facebook Wall. In addition, you can turn Automatic Scans on and off, or schedule scans to occur at a specific time or interval. There is also a Browser Protection feature available for Safari and Firefox that will scan as you browse to ensure no hidden threats find their way onto your machine.


Scan status: When a scan is in progress, the readout will show you that it’s working, how many files have been scanned so far, and how many issues have been encountered. But there is no readout to tell you how many files still need to be scanned or how long the scan is expected to take.

Bottom Line

Norton Security 2015 for Mac is a convenient and effective way of keeping your computer safe from viruses and other types of malware. The well-designed software offers a nice set of scanning options, so you can take advantage of the features most relevant to your situation.

Editors’ note: This is a review of the trial version of Norton Security 2015 for Mac 6.1.

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