Download Noisy Typer Free for Mac

Noisy Typer for Mac adds a touch of nostalgia to typing on your Mac by adding the clacking sounds of an old manual typewriter to each keystroke.

We downloaded Noisy Typer for Mac and ran it from our downloads folder. No installation was necessary. A splash screen appeared, advising that a Universal Access setting must be enabled before the app would work. The name of this preference pane has changed to Accessibility in the latest release of OS X, but we were able to figure it out. After hitting “OK” on the splash screen, the app runs in the background. From then on, all keystrokes made the sound of an old typewriter, including the ding! of the return key. Basically, that’s all this app does. To exit, a combination of letters and numbers–“qaz123”–must be typed.

While Noisy Typer for Mac only performs one function, it operates as expected. This app might seem pointless to some, but it’s kind of fun if you’re old enough to remember what a typewriter sounds like.

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