Download Express Zip Free File Compressor Free for Mac

Users working with large files need applications to compress them for sending over the Internet. Express Zip Free Mac Compression Software for Mac performs this function well, and also has additional useful features.

Available as freeware, Express Zip Free Mac Compression Software for Mac requires no payments to use. After download and installation, the user must accept a lengthy licensing agreement. After this is completed, the program brings up a window that allows download of additional programs, such as file converters for audio and video. The main application menu has few design features, but is functional. A help option that brings up a Web tutorial is easy to identify, as are options for selecting files and opening previously compressed ones. Anyone familiar with other file management applications will be familiar with this menu setup. For an easier option, a file can also be clicked and dragged into the application. Unfortunately, the application states that compressing image files requires installation of a separate program. Additional options exist to encrypt the zipped files as well as burn them to a CD or other outside media. A preferences menu has few options, but does allow the user to change the destination for the zipped files.

Despite its basic menus and simple functioning, Express Zip Free Mac Compression Software for Mac performs well as a compression and extraction program.

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