Download Clipboard Pimper Free for Mac

Clipboard Pimper offers a number of features for managing and utilizing the clipboard on your Mac, but it suffers substantially because of a lack of clear direction, labeling, and an interface that frustrates more than it helps. The result is a very uneven app that can be useful if you know exactly what you are trying to do, but more often than not will get in its own way.

After installation, you can open Clipboard Pimper quickly. The result is a small, single pane window with a number of buttons on it and a blank box in the middle. You can create text, dictate text, highlight and work with text, save it to a TXT file and quite a bit more in this window. But because the window is so small, the icons are not labeled, and the interface is so jumbled together, it’s hard to know what any one button does without waiting for the tooltip to appear, and even then, the purpose of the app is never fully explained. The target audience for this app is anyone who wants to work with the clipboard content on their computer between apps, saving it for future use, or accessing and editing it on the fly. It handles this fine, but only after digging past the overly compact and sometimes messy layout.

Clipboard Pimper is a useful app in a not-very-useful package. For those that need the functions it offers and can work with the interface as is, it will prove useful. For those that need a more intuitive app that they can pick up and use right away, this app won’t be what you’re looking for.

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