Meeting, catering and resource mannagement with Pronestor

Dette indlæg er finansieret indlæg og indeholder promoverede hjemmesidehenvisninger.

As a manager at a modern hotel, which is primarily used by business people as an upscale living facility for expats in combination with business related conference and meeting activities, I am all too well aware of the massive need for organized management, when it comes to reservation of of the meeting rooms, booking of our meeting equipment (projectors, conference call technology, whiteboards or interactive displays etc.). The reputation of my very reputable hotel with meeting facilities depends on the satisfaction of my many business clients, and so does the loyalty of my many returning customers, who expect an impeccable service in order to keep the flow in their meetings and conferences steady and focused. When using my hotel as a venue for their meetings – which often include international visitors in high positions – my conference rooms become their face towards associates, partners, shareholders and other important persons in their universe.


Therefor, I have made it my mission to easy the work burden on my staff, while at the same time providing the best service for my customers and their visitors. By opting into the professional world of meeting management software as provided by Danish professionals Pronestor, I get the very best state of the art software for managing meetings and providing the optimal working conditions for my staff. With meeting management software from Pronestor, I get the full package: Booking of meeting and conference rooms, booking of catering for meeting attendants, easily manageable software for booking items from our inventory of meeting supplies and equipment, and even a display for each meeting room, describing what is going on behind the door – very useful for guests who have somehow gotten lost or are late for their meeting!


I strongly recommend downloading a free demo of the Pronestor meeting management software from their website

Astrid Pedersen